Without Fear or Favor: Political and Strategic Genius of Donald J. Trump and the Art of  Trump Strategy

This book explores how Donald J. Trump’s strategies won him the election and succeeded in numerous monumental achievements in just two years, and why it is envisaged that he will continue to spark moments evocative of the indomitable spirit of America’s founders. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump is essentially 'predicting the future by creating it'. Without fear or favor, President Trump continues to take actions to deliver on his promise to Make America Great Again. The Art of Trump Strategy includes political incorrectness, boldness and courage, branding and campaigning, political shrewdness, winning mindset, delivering on promises and decisiveness. Based on a purely factual, unbiased perspective, the book uses the political and strategic leadership of Trump to further validate key qualities that make great leaders. Academic literature on these subjects points to numerous qualities of remarkable leaders, which could differ significantly based on profession or environment. This book attempts to identify the qualities that run a common thread throughout most environments.

To better understand President Trump’s strategic leadership, it will be useful to reflect on some of the historical writings and ideas of Carl von Clausewitz and Niccolò Machiavelli, two great thinkers on political philosophy/strategy, as well as the leadership qualities of some of the greatest American presidents. In more recent times, we will also refer to the founding leader of Singapore, the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who was well known and respected for his strategic leadership. In a brief span of fifty years, he transformed Singapore from a small trading port to one of the most advanced countries in the world. As we will soon discover, good strategic leaders also have visionary strategic plans.

The study of political and strategic leadership are of great interest to most organizations in the world. Country and corporate leaders may find the narrative and analysis in this book most useful. Politicians and campaigners from both the Republican party (GOP) and Democratic party (DNC) may also find many of the assessments insightful, particularly those on why Trump won in 2016 and on how he could win again in 2020. Business schools and academics could also use the book to get students to explore what may be some of the qualities that would make great political or strategic leaders. 

Future Trump Created

Stock market’s value grown by $6.9 trillion at Jan 2018
Record 157 million employed
224,000 jobs created in June 2019
3 Percent Economic Growth First Time in a Decade
Unemployment lowest level in 50 years
Best economic optimism in 16 years
Black unemployment at record low
Consumer confidence 18-year high
Signs New Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico
All ISIS-Controlled Areas Liberated
Historic Trump Kim meeting at DMZ
National Emergency to Enhance Border Security
Opioid Law

Also Inside in the Book

Mueller's 10 Obstruction of Justice concerns debunked
How fake is the Fake mainstream media?
What should be the GOP 2020 strategies?
Why the Democratic Party will lose again?
Who are the real Trump supporters?
Why illegal immigration is a serious problem?
How serious is the opioid/marijuana crisis?

Who will find this book useful?


Academics will find the book useful as the whole premise of the book is to determine the consistent qualities of great leaders and poliicians


Corporate and country leaders will find the research on leadership qualities most insightful


American patriots will enjoy this book as it carefully sieves out the partisan bias that exist in the mainstream media.

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