What is the Art of Trump Strategy – Chapter 4

Art of Trump Strategy

Despite what this book tries to achieve, nobody will ever be able to fathom Donald Trump’s strategic thinking or the Art of Trump Strategy. Only Donald Trump truly knows Donald Trump.

Campaigning and Branding

One of his primary strengths is his genius when it comes to campaigning and branding. The Trump Hotel brand prides itself on providing high-quality hotel services. At the root of it all, the Trump name itself is a highly coveted brand, as evident from the Trump Organization’s licensing activities.

Like most of us, President Trump is a product of his upbringing and experiences. As a builder in a highly competitive New York environment, he experienced some of the most challenging moments in his life. He has faced difficult financial situations and made some tough decisions to survive. As a billionaire, he mixed with celebrities and political elites. As a celebrity himself, he gained experience on how to successfully navigate the mainstream media.

Art of Trump Strategy

Donald Trump’s hallmark quality is his Machiavellian ‘ruthlessness’ in attacking his international or political opponents, defending his reputation and never apologizing for his mistakes. Art of Trump Strategy embodies this ruthlessness further by doubling down on his statements or attacks, regardless of the political or social ramifications.

On the world stage, Donald J. Trump has projected the image of a strong leader who will not hesitate to use coercive force to seek compliance. Given America’s role on a global scale, it is not difficult for him to back up his threats with wide-ranging political, diplomatic, economic and military actions.

Another strategic strength of Donald J. Trump is his filter-less mind and raw honesty about what is he thinks at all times. That he says whatever comes to his mind or how he feels is where he stands apart from most other leaders. In order to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, this is arguably most useful.

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