Political-Strategic Genius of Trump

Political-Strategic Genius of Trump

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The political-strategic genius of Trump has forever transform politics and strategy of America. Since 2007, while living in Massachusetts for four years, I witnessed the rapid decline of America first-hand. America was no longer winning strategically on the world stage. China on the other hand, rose rapidly through the ranks, making all the right strategic decisions. America was heavily in debt, while China enjoyed strong economic growth as the world’s manufacturing hub. The 9/11 attacks had weakened the American psyche and emboldened its enemies to engage in increasingly aggressive acts of violence in the country. The Obama administration doubled the national debt and, in its second term unleashed liberal propaganda that further divided the country along racial, gender and economic lines. The stage was set for a hard reset.

In 2015, prominent New York billionaire Donald J. Trump entered the race and ran a campaign that significantly transformed the political landscape. He not only defeated sixteen Republican heavyweights, the largest field of candidates at the time, but also the very first female Democratic nominee. Almost two years later, America’s economy and the stock market are at their strongest ever, unemployment is at historic lows, the transnational terrorist networks are largely defeated, and North Korea is no longer a serious global security threat.

This book explores how Donald J. Trump’s strategies won him the election and succeeded in numerous monumental achievements in just two years, and why it is envisaged that he will continue to spark moments evocative of the indomitable spirit of America’s founders. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump is essentially ‘predicting the future by creating it’. Without fear or favor, President Trump continue to take actions to deliver on his promise to Make America Great Again. My views may depart sharply from those of most academic experts or the political elites who have dominated the mainstream media but who have failed to effectively address many of the strategic issues facing the country in the past 50 years.

Based on a purely factual, unbiased perspective, the book uses the political and strategic leadership of Trump to further validate key qualities that make great leaders. Academic literature on these subjects points to numerous qualities of remarkable leaders, which could differ significantly based on profession or environment. This book attempts to identify the qualities that run a common thread throughout most environments.

The study of political and strategic leadership are of great interest to most organizations in the world. Country and corporate leaders may find the narrative and analysis in this book most useful. Politicians and campaigners from both the Republican party (GOP) and Democratic party (DNC) may also find many of the assessments insightful, particularly those on why Trump won in 2016 and on how he could win again in 2020. Business schools and academics could also use the book to get students to explore what may be some of the qualities that would make great political or strategic leaders.

Both Republicans and Democrats voters would find that the book provides alternative perspectives to those of the mainstream media and notable strategists, partly due to increased bias in reporting. This serves as one of my motivations for writing this book, as I seek to counter the extremely high level of biased reporting by the mainstream media. Almost everything the President has said or done and continues to say and do has been characterized with a negative spin by the mainstream media, often through selective reporting that matched their own globalist narratives.

That said, I may come with my own biases as well; ultimately the readers should decide for themselves which perspective is closer to the truth.

I am often asked by family members and friends on why I strongly support President Trump’s policies. As a strategist who has personally witnessed Singapore’s phenomenal rise from a third-world to a first-world country, and a military officer who will always appreciate the importance of the rule of law, my reply invariably is that almost every major policy of the President fits perfectly with my grand strategy or vision for the United States. Many of his policies may be politically unpopular but they are critical for the long term success or survival of the United States. Often, my primary concern is that he may someday succumb to the constant pressure he is facing from the Democrats, mainstream media, the GOP and his family, or that someone in his administration may dishonestly undermine or fail to deliver on some of his more novel and far-reaching initiatives.

I do not know Donald J. Trump personally and have never met him. However, I strongly support his agenda to ‘Make America Great Again’, because a strong U.S. economy will inevitably lead to a strong world economy, which in turn will help to lift many poor communities around the world out of poverty.

I retired after 28 years of military service that included 8 years as Directing Staff at the then Singapore Command and Staff College and as a Military History and Strategic Studies Lecturer at SAFTI Military Institute, the Armed Forces’ highest officer training institute. At the staff college, we train and develop mid-career officers to hold appointments as Brigade Commanders or staff officers at the Brigade and Division levels. The one-year program serves to develop them as leaders and operational planners up to the Armed Forces level. As a lecturer, I had the honor of lecturing officer cadets, lieutenant and captain-grade officers and overseas scholars in leadership, joint warfare, military history and strategic studies. I also had the rare privilege of facilitating the conduct of two Senior Commander’s Courses that served to prepare Colonel-grade officers for generalship.

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Is donald J trump a genius?

Is Donald J. Trump a Genius?

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Is Donald J. Trump a Genius?

Is Donald J. Trump a Genius? This is what the liberal mainstream media keeps wondering. In fact, they often deny him any credit for his numerous achievements but rather prefer to portray his Administration as chaotic.

Main Achievements

Many people are still wondering how Trump manages to beat 16 GOP heavyweights. Then they wonder how he was able to beat the very first women presidential candidate and with less money. They are still wondering how he single-handedly exposed the anti-American press and their biases especially after he has gained free publicity from them during the GOP primaries, the 2016 presidential elections and continue to do so. It is Trump, Trump and Trump on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News almost 24/7. He might have gotten at least $3 billion dollars worth of free publicity. He has probably spent less per poll point compared to every other past and present presidential candidates.

Additional Achievements

The stock market and the 401Ks have nearly doubled in the last two and a half years. The unemployment rates are at their lowest levels for nearly 50 years. Trump’s daily tweets are driving the radical left crazy. While he is literally driving them nuts, he is also distracting them from his agenda of transforming America in a big way. The more outrages his tweets the crazier the radical left gets. Not only has he directly met Kim Jong Un compared to any other president in U.S. history, but he has also forced many European countries to contribute more towards NATO’s budget. In a short period, he has worked out new trade deals with Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

If all these achievements do not make Donald J. Trump a Genius, then no one else should ever be allowed to be called a Genius. There is therefore little wonder why the liberal mainstram media has pften been nicknamed as ‘Fake News’.

Trump Tweets Classics

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The entire mainstream media has been peddling extremely negative coverage on President Donald J. Trump ever since he won the election in 2016.

Fortunately for Americans and President Trump, there are platforms like Twitter and Instagram to allows direct communication that bypasses the biased coverage.

Literally, the whole world looks out for President Trump’s early morning tweets as they could significantly impact on global or local political events. His tweets could also move markets.

Here are some of the more recent and classic tweets on the president.






strategic leadership

Chapter 1: Strategic Leadership of Donald J. Trump

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To better understand the strategic leadership of President Trump, it will be useful to reflect on some of the historical writings and ideas of Carl von Clausewitz and Niccolò Machiavelli, two great thinkers on political philosophy/strategy, as well as the leadership qualities of some of the greatest American presidents. In more recent times, we will also refer to the founding leader of Singapore, the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who was well known and respected for his strategic leadership. In a brief span of fifty years, he transformed Singapore from a small trading port to one of the most advanced countries in the world. As we will soon discover, good strategic leaders also have visionary strategic plans.

Machiavelli argued that for princes or political leaders to remain in power, they need to be ruthless enough to be feared and kind enough to not be hated.

While political leaders should possess all the qualities expected of great strategic leaders, they also require a few additional qualities. To be able to win elections, they need to be excellent communicators and campaigners. They must be able to tap into the sentiments of the voters and carefully articulate their vision and policies to win over the trust and confidence of the people. They must not only be able to defeat their political opponents but also protect their own reputation and policies ruthlessly against unscrupulous attacks or smear campaigns. They must possess boundless energy, have the ability to respond to unexpected crises as well as the flexibility to negotiate with their opponents to either build consensus or achieve a compromise.

Overall it could be summarized that good strategic leaders are trustworthy, courageous, determined, intuitive, comprehensive and decisive. In order to successfully govern, they need, at times, to be ruthless in defending their reputation and policies, and must be prepared to use coercive force when necessary.

Failed Obama Years

Chapter 2: The Bush Jr and Failed Obama Years

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This chapter highlights how the failed Obama years help Donald Trump to win the 2016 election. In 2003, I was teaching military history and strategic studies at the Singapore Command and Staff College, a military training institution. At that time, America was still reeling from the 9/11 attacks, fighting a global war against terrorism, and was at the brink of launching the shock and awe offensive against Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. My personal assessment at that time was that after the Vietnam War, the 2003 invasion of Iraq would be viewed as America’s next greatest strategic blunder.

Obama’s win in the 2012 elections came as no surprise, especially given the Republican Party’s divided messaging, and Mitt Romney’s inability to appeal to or connect with the voters.

Failed Obama Years

Despite Obama’s victory, however, he was largely unsuccessful in getting any new legislation passed due to a lack of control in the House. The President resorted to using his executive powers to implement the Dreamers’ Act, which provided a temporary reprieve for children who were illegally brought to America by their parents.

President Obama told the American people that manufacturing jobs are not going to come back and that Americans will need to retrain themselves in other sectors of the economy. The economy was basically flat during that time, and wages also remained stagnant. Slowly but steadily, the Obama message of hope was whittling down the patience of middle-class Americans. Suddenly, President Obama and the Democratic Party were finding themselves clueless on how to revive the economy and create much-needed jobs for Americans. They were pinning their hopes on the steady recovery of the global economic landscape.

In some ways, one could argue that President Obama’s background may have been ill-suited to overseeing the recovery of the economy. He had no experience in business or economics, and after spending $10 trillion dollars during his two terms, he had very little to show for it. The promise of investing in green energy did not pan out, and he was unable to roll up his sleeves and figure out how he could further improve the economic environment through strategic incentives, monetary and fiscal policies or even by reducing any unnecessary regulations. These failed Obama years helped to propel the Trump victory in 2016.

Chapter 3. The 2016 Presidential Elections

Chapter 3. The 2016 Presidential Elections

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The 2016 Presidential Elections

The 2016 Presidential Elections was a watershed event in U.S history. Having witnessed the steady decline of America from 2007 to 2015, there was a sense of anticipation in America to have a strong leader to revive the economy. After the 3rd GOP debate, it became clear that many Americans were especially impressed with Donald J. Trump. As they saw it, here was a candidate not afraid to speak his mind on any controversial issue and had clear, definitive goals of how to reinstate America’s role in the global arena. It was America’s time to have a strong leader who was not afraid to be politically incorrect and who would get things done.

GOP Candidates

By this time, the American people, who often felt let down by their politicians, were now looking for someone who would talk straight with them. Donald J. Trump became an instant success. He was ruthless in attacking and smearing his opponents, and was willing to speak his mind on many controversial issues. He openly criticized illegal immigrants from Mexico, and promised to build a wall at the border.

As a former celebrity, Trump was well-versed with the mainstream media and what they wanted. He was an expert in monopolizing the airwaves with hot-button issues so as to get free media coverage. The liberal mainstream media cheered him on, believing that he would be the easiest candidate for any Democratic nominee to defeat.

Historians will continue writing for a long time, trying to unravel how candidate Trump was able to beat 16 strong GOP candidates and the very first female presidential nominee of the Democratic Party in the 2016 Presidential Elections. Not only did he beat top career politicians and senators, but he also did it with much less money and without much support from his own party.

Democratic Party Candidates

While the Republicans had seventeen candidates competing for the nomination, the Democrats ultimately came up with only two main candidates – former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. It was a well-known fact amongst Democratic circles that the party leadership were pushing for its first woman nominee. Their system of ‘super’ delegates and party alignments made it clear that Bernie Sanders did not stand a chance in getting elected.

Art of Trump Strategy

What is the Art of Trump Strategy – Chapter 4

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Despite what this book tries to achieve, nobody will ever be able to fathom Donald Trump’s strategic thinking or the Art of Trump Strategy. Only Donald Trump truly knows Donald Trump.

Campaigning and Branding

One of his primary strengths is his genius when it comes to campaigning and branding. The Trump Hotel brand prides itself on providing high-quality hotel services. At the root of it all, the Trump name itself is a highly coveted brand, as evident from the Trump Organization’s licensing activities.

Like most of us, President Trump is a product of his upbringing and experiences. As a builder in a highly competitive New York environment, he experienced some of the most challenging moments in his life. He has faced difficult financial situations and made some tough decisions to survive. As a billionaire, he mixed with celebrities and political elites. As a celebrity himself, he gained experience on how to successfully navigate the mainstream media.

Art of Trump Strategy

Donald Trump’s hallmark quality is his Machiavellian ‘ruthlessness’ in attacking his international or political opponents, defending his reputation and never apologizing for his mistakes. Art of Trump Strategy embodies this ruthlessness further by doubling down on his statements or attacks, regardless of the political or social ramifications.

On the world stage, Donald J. Trump has projected the image of a strong leader who will not hesitate to use coercive force to seek compliance. Given America’s role on a global scale, it is not difficult for him to back up his threats with wide-ranging political, diplomatic, economic and military actions.

Another strategic strength of Donald J. Trump is his filter-less mind and raw honesty about what is he thinks at all times. That he says whatever comes to his mind or how he feels is where he stands apart from most other leaders. In order to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems, this is arguably most useful.

Trumpian International Security

Chapter 5. Trumpian International Security

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Trumpian International Security entails the willingness to use power to dictate the international order. One of the most important decisions President Trump made was to give the job of Defense Secretary to General James “Mad Dog” Mattis. Likely due to his teenage experience at ROTC, President Trump seems to have a special sense of admiration for the military and its generals. General James Mattis was unanimously confirmed to his position by Republican and Democratic Senators.

Trumpian International Security

It is in the realm of international security where President Trump’s Machiavellian style finds a perfect fit. He is a realist who believes strongly that power, and especially the decisive use of military power, shall dictate the international order. Early in his presidency, he made it clear that he would not hesitate to use maximum and unfettered military force or “fire and fury” to achieve any objective.


Unlike President Obama, President Trump showed a strong resolve to follow through on his threat when the Syrian military allegedly used gas to attack rebel positions. After a quick assessment of the civilians killed, President Trump ordered a barrage of cruise missile strikes on Syrian airbases that were allegedly used to launch the gas attacks. Although the airbase attacks may not have significantly impacted the Syrian military, the clear message sent out was that any future gas attacks will not be tolerated.

North Korea

His Machiavellian resolve, coupled with the most biting UN-imposed sanctions led President Trump, ultimately convinced the North Korean leader to meet unconditionally for a peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula Armistice. Without giving in much, President Trump was able to get the North Korean leader to shut down one nuclear facility and bring back the remains of US combatants. Subsequent historic meetings between the leaders of North and South Korea culminated with a meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore, Vietnam and Panmunjom.

fred graph

The Trump Economy – Chapter 6

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The Trump Economy has been the greatest success factor for Trump. Even his strongest critique and the mainstream media acknowledge his economic achievements. Saddled with a national debt of more than $20 trillion, reviving the U.S. economy was one of the Trump Administration’s highest priorities. There was very little time to waste as the House elections were to take place on November 2018; the Trump Administration only had two years to showcase some significant economic improvements so as to retain majorities in the House and the Senate.

In his very first week at the White House, President Trump made good on his promise of withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He also immediately sought the renegotiation of NAFTA. Since then he has also imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU and most countries.

Trade War

While the negotiations were ongoing, the trade war between U.S. and China involved the imposition of tariffs on $250 billion worth of each other’s products. Although there was initial optimism that deal could be struck, the trade talks failed because Chin reneged on a previous agreement to change some of its laws. This prompted President Trump to impose 25% tariffs on $500 billion worth of goods imported from China. At this point, China only had the option of tweaking the percentages on its existing tariffs.

While the trade war is not healthy for the world’s economic growth, there could be some benefits to developing countries. Ever since China has positioned itself as a global manufacturing hub, most of the newly developing countries have lost their crucial manufacturing sector and have experienced massive unemployment. Developing a  manufacturing base is crucial for newly developing countries to build and strengthen into a diversified economy. With the ongoing trade wars, some developing countries are getting a rare opportunity to revive their manufacturing sectors and compete in the global marketplace.

Stock Market

The stock market has broken its own record 62 times in the last two years under the Trump Administration. The American people have a renewed confidence in the economy. President Trump and his policies have significantly helped to improve the overall perception of the U.S. economy, which is directly reflected in the performance of the stock market.


Trump Law and Order – Chapter 7

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Trump law and order agenda is to ensure that there is a civil society where everyone can enjoy safety and security for their family. As suggested by Machiavelli, there is a need to carefully balance between individual freedoms and the rules of law in a civil society. In America, the first and second amendment rights make it much more difficult to exercise law and order. Police in America face a greater risk of getting shot as compared to most countries where guns are not readily available. Not surprisingly, President Trump is a strong advocate of law and order. He believes a country cannot exist if it cannot protect its borders and if there is no respect for law and order by the citizens. He campaigned for a border wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the country. He has also defended the police and called for the National Football League to stop their players from kneeling in protest during the flag display and the national anthem

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in the United States affects thousands of families across the country, resulting in thousands of deaths every year; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2017, over 70,200 deaths in the United States i due to overdose from prescription and illicit drugs. The common good to most Americans far outweighs the civil rights of those who continue to seek profit knowing that they are destroying the livelihood of thousands of people and their families. In terms of addressing the issue through legislation, the United States should at the very least, consider capital punishment for repeat drug traffickers.

Illegal Immigration

It should go on record that Donald J. Trump was the only GOP candidate who addressed the issue of immigration by openly criticizing Mexico for the influx of illegal immigrants and promising to build a wall at the southern border. The proposed wall would not only keep out illegal immigrants but also reduce drug trafficking and other criminal activities coming from South of the border. A recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies suggests that a border wall could save $64 billion in 10 years.


The President was again misrepresented by the liberal mainstream media on the clash between Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extremists and liberal activists. His position was simply that there were clearly good and bad people on both sides at Charlottesville. Besides the KKK activists, there were other law-abiding conservative activists who were there to peacefully protest against the removal of confederate symbols from public places.

Furthermore, in line with the right to free speech, the KKK activists had registered their event and it was the liberal activists who organized themselves to directly protest against their event. There were also reports that confirmed that violent anti-fascist, or ANTIFA, members were also present at the event. The life lost is unfortunate but that is the risk people take when they plan to physically protest against another group’s event in a threatening or violent manner.