Is Donald J. Trump a Genius?

Is donald J trump a genius?

Is Donald J. Trump a Genius?

Is Donald J. Trump a Genius? This is what the liberal mainstream media keeps wondering. In fact, they often deny him any credit for his numerous achievements but rather prefer to portray his Administration as chaotic.

Main Achievements

Many people are still wondering how Trump manages to beat 16 GOP heavyweights. Then they wonder how he was able to beat the very first women presidential candidate and with less money. They are still wondering how he single-handedly exposed the anti-American press and their biases especially after he has gained free publicity from them during the GOP primaries, the 2016 presidential elections and continue to do so. It is Trump, Trump and Trump on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News almost 24/7. He might have gotten at least $3 billion dollars worth of free publicity. He has probably spent less per poll point compared to every other past and present presidential candidates.

Additional Achievements

The stock market and the 401Ks have nearly doubled in the last two and a half years. The unemployment rates are at their lowest levels for nearly 50 years. Trump’s daily tweets are driving the radical left crazy. While he is literally driving them nuts, he is also distracting them from his agenda of transforming America in a big way. The more outrages his tweets the crazier the radical left gets. Not only has he directly met Kim Jong Un compared to any other president in U.S. history, but he has also forced many European countries to contribute more towards NATO’s budget. In a short period, he has worked out new trade deals with Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada.

If all these achievements do not make Donald J. Trump a Genius, then no one else should ever be allowed to be called a Genius. There is therefore little wonder why the liberal mainstram media has pften been nicknamed as ‘Fake News’.

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