Trump Law and Order – Chapter 7


Trump law and order agenda is to ensure that there is a civil society where everyone can enjoy safety and security for their family. As suggested by Machiavelli, there is a need to carefully balance between individual freedoms and the rules of law in a civil society. In America, the first and second amendment rights make it much more difficult to exercise law and order. Police in America face a greater risk of getting shot as compared to most countries where guns are not readily available. Not surprisingly, President Trump is a strong advocate of law and order. He believes a country cannot exist if it cannot protect its borders and if there is no respect for law and order by the citizens. He campaigned for a border wall to stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the country. He has also defended the police and called for the National Football League to stop their players from kneeling in protest during the flag display and the national anthem

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis in the United States affects thousands of families across the country, resulting in thousands of deaths every year; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2017, over 70,200 deaths in the United States i due to overdose from prescription and illicit drugs. The common good to most Americans far outweighs the civil rights of those who continue to seek profit knowing that they are destroying the livelihood of thousands of people and their families. In terms of addressing the issue through legislation, the United States should at the very least, consider capital punishment for repeat drug traffickers.

Illegal Immigration

It should go on record that Donald J. Trump was the only GOP candidate who addressed the issue of immigration by openly criticizing Mexico for the influx of illegal immigrants and promising to build a wall at the southern border. The proposed wall would not only keep out illegal immigrants but also reduce drug trafficking and other criminal activities coming from South of the border. A recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies suggests that a border wall could save $64 billion in 10 years.


The President was again misrepresented by the liberal mainstream media on the clash between Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extremists and liberal activists. His position was simply that there were clearly good and bad people on both sides at Charlottesville. Besides the KKK activists, there were other law-abiding conservative activists who were there to peacefully protest against the removal of confederate symbols from public places.

Furthermore, in line with the right to free speech, the KKK activists had registered their event and it was the liberal activists who organized themselves to directly protest against their event. There were also reports that confirmed that violent anti-fascist, or ANTIFA, members were also present at the event. The life lost is unfortunate but that is the risk people take when they plan to physically protest against another group’s event in a threatening or violent manner.

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